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Art on a Cart... Tips?
Old 03-02-2012, 11:58 AM
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I was just hired as a full-time art teacher in a K-5 elementary school. I'm incredibly excited, but a little nervous because it will be a "floating" position with no classroom to call my own. As a former full-time classroom teacher I am unsure how I will handle the lack of space and, more than that, I want to be sure that I can both support the regular teachers and their own classroom management, etc.

It's actually supposed to be a co-teaching art program where I plan and teach art in conjunction with each teacher, so I want to create the best possible working relationships with my fellow teachers. I was thinking of sending some kind of questionnaire to the teachers before I start asking their preferences. Does anyone have a sample of something like that?

Any other tips for a newbie floater?

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