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Clip to ScrapBook #4

So my expectations are something like:

Respect yourself: Listen to all instruction and do your best every time.

Respect your classmates: Keep hands and body to yourself. Look at art without touching. Speak politely.

Respect your teacher: Raise your hand to speak. Listen attentively.

Respect your art room: Use materials properly. Clean up after yourself.

My consequences are 1. Warning (opportunity to change your actions) 2. Moved with your art work to focus on your behavior and work. 3. Stop art to reflect on actions (answer questions through writing or drawing a solution to change your behavior) 4. Contact your parents.

For jobs, I label each chair at a table with a different symbol and then post the jobs that correspond with each symbol on the board. (each table has one of each symbol) I rotate so everyone does different jobs each class... I usually just jot it down on my LP so I can rotate everyone through.
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