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R. & R. Spanish
Old 08-21-2009, 04:32 PM
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The Lucy Calking can work pretty good in schools that have students with a lot of social exposure. Genuine writing comes from social exposure and not all of the students can enjoy that. I understand that most of the school districts want to adopt this program but we have to understand that not all the students have the same exposure in they early age. I teach in a rural community school and believe me... this kids don't have the same exposure than city kids. You ask them "to get a theme from their memories" and the answer back is "I stay home all the time, take care of my younger brother/sister and help mom and dad with the house's work" It is frustrating sometimes.

Also teaching the L.C. workshop in dual language program schools is another nightmare. None worksheets or anchor charts or simple charts are translate so... is double work.

I really like the workshop and I can see improvement in some writers ( the ones that have $$ and can go to parks, beaches, other states, vacation trips etc.) but the other students have a hard time working with the concept of pulling out of memory and experiences.

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