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Lucy Is Great!
Old 06-21-2010, 10:12 AM
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Then you are not using Lucy correctly! You teach students through an inquiry based approach. By studying how mentor authors write, students see how an author uses craft and then tries that for themselves. Maybe you do not know how to teach that effectively, you have to carefully plan out and scafold the lessons so they are effective for children. If you teach this correctly, then your students will love it. My kindergartners love writing time. They can sit and write for at least forty minutes. Lucy has helped make them great writers in a non-intimidating way, they say, "hey, I can try that". They WRITE, not draw pictures, two or three page stories, depending on the assignment.
Skills- if you are talking about grammar skills, then yes, Lucy does not teach these. You need to supplement this program with grammar skills. But again, kinder and first grade teachers, grammar skills should be taught IN CONTEXT. how could you not? putting spaces between words, capitals, periods, that all comes very natural when you are conferencing with their writing or producing examples as a group. Hmmm.....maybe you need to update your teaching practices or watch truly good teachers and observer them.

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