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Also Struggling with Calkins
Old 11-27-2007, 05:04 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #12

It was very helpful for me to find this post this morning.

I wrote last night (I believe it was this site), I've been asked to present her new 6-volume series to my school -- and I'm overwhelmed -- mowing through the material -- and the lessons I've tried have flopped BIG time.

I liked the comment, "it is hard to run around correcting all the personal feelings that the kids are encouraged to write."

My 4/5 students have not experienced the blossoming of intuitive ... personal ... narrative. They don't even know how to write a sentence (or how to punctuate for same, some writings going from top to bottom of the page as one long sentence). They don't have the interest, skills or emotional resources necessary to "plumb" deeper resources for deep, personal reporting. With just three occasions of trying to work through that darn book one, I feel I have days and days of work now, to "undo" and "correct" the problems I'm sure I'm going to find this morning.

I'm angry, hurt, mad, worried, stressed -- about having to present this to colleagues as the Be All to End All. Will be back to read more comments ....

Thank you!

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