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Clip to ScrapBook #15

*Students LOVE to write!!!
*They are able to look at their writing and other writing critically.
*The writing workshop helps them learn to read. (Began the year with only 5 students at grade this point in the year I only have 4 students that are NOT at grade level...all are LD and only 1 level behind)
*1st graders can write a strong personal narrative (my students scores were the highest of all 1st grades in the all school write and I teach the inclusion room)
*Skills are taught through writers workshop and throughout other parts of the day. These skills are scaffolded during WW where students are writing for a real purpose.
*Last year all but 1 of my students met the benchmark for our standardized testing. I do teach at a Title 1 school (75% Free and Reduced lunch)
*Phonics instruction is critical and I don't think it is ever ignored in the UOS.

*On a side note...the school I taught in before (90% FRL commonly referred to as felony flats) embraced the UOS. After three years of using the program and working hard to make it work for us our school was classified as a "exceeds standards school" because of our high test scores.

Traditionally ELL and low socioeconomic students have not scored well on any of the standardized tests. Obviously traditional based instruction wasn't working for these students so maybe there is some value in the UOS.
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