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Hong Konger

Hong Konger
Lucy Calkin's implementation
Old 07-03-2008, 03:13 AM
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Seeing a majority of comments in favor of the Lucy Calkins program, I wish to make the comment that implementation of the program determines it's success. If experienced teachers use it as a resource to augment already successful practice, then fear and anxiety over the impact of a "new" program on their kids, and feelings of being "unappreciated" are minimized, and good ideas within the program itself can be incorporated to improve student learning. However, if program implementation is "required" and mandated to replace existing programs regardless of success of that program, then it creates anxiety, fear and resentment, and blocks teachers from "buying into" the program.

Where I teach, there was a wholesale move to adopt the Lucy Calkins program, however there was little training, discussion or support given for implementation. There is resentment about this and it gets in the way of incorporating those "great" ideas that are part of Lucy Calkins program. This resentment also prevents discussion about the program itself to find ways to overcome some of its limitations.

It is a real shame that the teachers who are expected to build successful learning experience for children in there classrooms are given little opportunity to study the program before they are expected to actually teach it.

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