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Calkins as professor
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I actually attended Teachers College back in the mid 90s. Lucy Calkins was one of my professors. I found her to be pompous, grating, and incredibly annoying. When I questioned her about the acquisition of language skills, she dared to try to tell me how I had learned proper English. Did she observe me in my home? Did she know my parents? How could she presume to know anything about how I had learned proper English?

While it is true that my parents modeled proper grammatical structures, my mom also explained the rules to me. I still remember her explanations. I asked questions, and my mom answered them. I don't need Lucy Calkins to tell me how I learn.

I was in the program for secondary language arts. Although I am sure there were people who appreciated Calkins's program, I did not know any of them. Every single person I spoke to felt the same way: High school students need to know how to write essays in response to a prompt. They need to know the proper rules and conventions of English grammar. Using mini lessons may be one way to teach these skills, but it is not the only way. Just as students have different learning styles, so too do teachers have different teaching styles. Expecting everyone to use Writer's Workshop and have the same success is naive and educational unsound.
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