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Has anyone transferred schools (within the district) after the school year began?
No, but our school system sometimes switches paras to other schools during the school year. They are no longer hiring paras, are phasing them out. When a need arises at another school, they take a para from a school with less need.

If so, what was the process (online transfer form, who makes the decision)
Call to HR, they will ask to update letter of intent, and if another position opens, they might let the para transfer. The principal has a right not to let the para go if his school still has the need for that para, because it is unlikely that para will be replaced.

and why did THEY decide to transfer voluntarily?
Various reasons: more convenient travel to certain schools, want to get away from certain administration, think the grass is greener...

Keep in mind all school systems are different and have different policies in place.
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