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EC Gen - Questions on C3
Old 12-25-2019, 08:54 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #1

I just recently embarked on the NBPTS journey, and I will work on 3 of the components, this year.
Some questions on C3:
1. Must all the 10 standards be clearly evident in both videos? While I make a conscientious and systematic effort to include all the families of my students in the learning development of their children, it is not evident in my 15 minute video segment.
2. How are we expected to provide clear, consistent and convincing evidence of all the standards, in a 12-15 minute video, and yet make it appear non-staged? My video was definitely not perfect but there were many elements worth analyzing and reflecting.
3. How is C3 weighted? Is the video viewed as a piece of evidence of the written commentary? Is the video worth more points for the evidence it presents? Or is the analysis of the video, and what it shows - or NOT- considered more important?
4. Specific question on what to include or leave off: Should I include a video segment where one of my students and I are heard talking about a good mistake, off-screen, and discuss strategies on how to reach the correct result, while my assistant is momentarily zooming in on the work of one student, completing the very task being discussed?
I feel that this piece has great potential because it shows off several standards, yet it is not visible for the assessor.
Thank you for your expert advice.

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