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Cynthia P.

Cynthia P.
Job Interview Conundrum
Old 07-21-2012, 11:04 AM
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Just graduated and have been applying for jobs like crazy. Had 12 interviews. Ten of them told me that they really liked me a lot but had to go with a teacher with experience. Okay, I get that. But some of the interviews have felt a little "fake" ...almost like they already had someone they wanted to hire but needed to fill a required quota of interviews or something. How do you weed these people out?

I have spent the last of my savings on gas, transcript requests, and other travel expenses going to these job interviews and I can't afford to much more. Some of the jobs are posted on the IASA Job Bank and some at K12 Job Spot but not posted on the schools website. Some are posted in very small local papers but not posted anywhere else. Am I getting paranoid or are they just posting the jobs where they feel they will get the least amount of attention so they can hire the person they already want?

I interviewed for a job yesterday about 2.5 hours away from where I live. It went well, but I noticed there were no other interview-ees before me or after me. Then today, I see that the art teaching position opened up in the little town 20 miles north of the town I just interviewed in. Coincidence?

This keeps happening to me and I am feeling like the job I am interviewing for is already "filled." Then when they reach their mandatory interview quota, they tell the other teacher they can go ahead and hire her and she accepts (even though this is all just a formality because she knows she already has the job) and then her old job opens up.

I am new at all of this and I don't know if there is some sort of "secret code" that I need to learn so that I know whether or not to spend my time and money on the entire process. I have even been to an interview where the principal and super showed up in t-shirts and flip flops, and acted like the whole interview was some sort of joke. They never called to let me know that I wasn't their choice for the at least they thought I was smart enough to figure it out! So please, please, please, help me out. I've had my interview skills check and they have come back very good to excellent. The principals who call to let me know I didn't get the job have been so complementary and one even told me he wished he'd had 2 jobs to fill so he could hire me, also. Any advise from experienced teachers who know the score on job interviews would be ever so much appreciated.


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