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Additional thoughts
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Clip to ScrapBook #3

I think the first response was a great list.

A few tips on endearing yourself to the staff and other teachers...

1. When you look at your schedule and see an extra period off (other than lunch) ask the administrative assistant or whoever gave you the schedule if there is anything else you could help with that period. You will probably be bored anyway and they will really appreciate the offer.

2. Leave brief notes on how each class went. Just a few words is fine, but itís better for the teacher to know about any problems rather than hear from the students later.

3. Have a few cheap business cards made and leave them behind with your notes. That way they can find you if anything comes up at a later date. I did this and it led directly to my first long-term sub job. (Well, first they made me the go-to sub for the department so that I got lots of days with them. Then came the LTS.)
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