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Any of these work for you?
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Clip to ScrapBook #3

Are you also focusing on your indicators for just your grade level?

Here in Ohio, we have our grade 5 indicators, then we also have to make sure the kids are still up to speed on the grades 3-5 benchmarks. It's a pain because, of course, these kids aren't going to remember all the SS content that was covered in grades 3 and 4. They can hardly remember what was taught at the beginning of the year. However, ALL of this is on our 5th grade SS state testing.

Could you try any or all of the following?

*Try pretesting the kids before your units. This will allow you to weed out the info they've mastered so you can focus more closely on what they don't know.

*Present questions to them in MC, short answer, and extended response during lessons--not only on the tests. You will get a good feel of what they are and are not catching onto during your lessons when you make them respond in writing.

*Try to record the types of difficulties they're having on a chart of some kind so you can more easily find where the problem areas are.

*Have the kids write "exit cards" after your lessons to see what they've learned from your lesson.

*Be sure to start the next day's SS lesson with a brief review.

*Change up your lessons a bit each day. Incorporate group and partner work and videos on the subject matter. Try using different formats instead of just reading from the text; use CLOZE activities and anticipatory guides; use other reading materials besides just the text.

Without something specific to suggest activities for, this is all I can come up with at the moment. You may be doing a great deal of these things already, but I thought I throw some of these things at you. Hope some are useful.

The furthest we go up to in our curriculum is the Civil War. By the time we get in all of our SS and Science curriculum, plus some other required activities, that's all we can get in.
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