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Old 09-14-2019, 05:03 PM

Dear Friends,

For the past four years, our teenage Autistic son has been extremely aggressive with monstrous rages and relentless attacks on us. We have been battered and bruised by our own dear son.
My Mom and Dad have changed their tune and tried to be as supportive as they can, given that they live three thousand miles away. My Mom visited in June for a few days and we had a lovely time together.

Now, our son is trying his third anti-psychotic medication. It seems to be working. (Fingers crossed and praying every day.) The aggressive rampages have lessened and become less intense. Sadly, our son is always tired and he's walking around like a zombie.

Now that our son is getting "better" (hopefully), my Mom is back to NOT biting her tongue.

Everything is Fair Game to my Brutally Honest aka Toxic Mom.

In our conversations this week, my Mom has put on her honeyed voice and told me:

"You're fat. You need to go on a diet."
"Your husband doesn't have anything on his calendar. He's not working."
"Your husband's belly is huge. He needs to lose weight."
"Your son is better sleeping and a zombie."

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