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Not a proble

Not a proble
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I had a high school teacher with Tourette's he was one of my all time favorite teachers. He was highly skilled, very caring, and very relaxed in his approach. He won our respect through showing respect. Students wouldn't dare think to make fun of him or others would have been all over them. Not to say he didn't face adversity, I'm sure he did, but he over came with grace. He never directly mentioned his Tourette's but it was very evident. He kept instruction short and sweet and provided lots of opportunity for us to explore and learn in groups perhaps to minimize his speaking, as he had severe ticks during speaking. Or perhaps because he realized cooperative learning and struggling actually helped us learn better. Either way, he was a great man, a wonderful teacher and highly respected. There is no reason you should expect anything less than what you put into you career. Prayers and blessings to you on your journey. Share it with your admin, but beyond that I'd say only share when you feel a need to do so.

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