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Screaming and Reflecting and being honest
Old 09-20-2009, 08:44 AM
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First, screaming is not good and only works for the moment if it all. Second, it is never a pretty sight to lose it in public. Even the most mild mannered and gentle of those among us have been high jacked by our own emotions at least once in our teaching career. I don't even scream on roller coasters, so I completely shocked myself when I yelled at students a few times very early in my teaching career. The first time was when in the first few days of my student teaching. I was trying repeatedly to explain an assignment and the kids would not stop talking. I stood on a chair and yelled for attention in an angry and frustrated way. I looked like a complete idiot. The few other times I yelled were when I was exhausted and trying every good way I knew how at the time to reach students. I quickly learned to recognize and circumvent my allowing myself to let students make me that angry, thus giving up that control of myself. However, I will not judge another teacher, especially one who I don't actually know based on one incident.

Also, I work with a teacher who is naturally loud and tends to be cranky with her students. Last year a group of rather judgmental interns came in to observe at my school. What they noted was her loudness and her yelling. What they absolutely failed to note was this teachers compassion and love for her students and her innovative and reflective teaching style.
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