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Locked out
Old 01-07-2010, 01:57 PM
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The other day I went to a school to find all the doors locked! It was like 3 degrees out! If they want you to sub they should have the door open for you. I usually have to wait until a teacher shows up to open the door. Most schools I work at have open doors but some don't and I usually arrive early so I can look over the plans or make sure the plans are there.

Another time I taught a half day, afternoon Kindergarten class. They had a system where one Kindergarten teacher stays in with any students who need to finish up work and the other teacher takes out all the other kids. I was informed I was taking out the kids, two classes worth by myself. To make matters worse, I had just gotten there, did not know the students names and was told to let them jump in the blow up jumpy thing set up for the evening carnival. Well, I gave my kids about two minutes a piece to jump, then a bunch of older kids wanted to get in from the playground, I had to be miss meany and say no, because I hardly had any time for all the kindergarteners to jump. I thought it was very unfair of the teacher to make me take all the kids out and she stay in with about 5 kids. I was reponsible for all those kids and did not even know if all of them were with me when I went back in due to lots of kids on the playground. If that were to happen again, I would stand up for myself and tell the other teacher I did not feel comfortable taking all those kids out.

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