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Here it would be impossible because no school will hire you without talking to your current/most recent P first. I'm really surprised that the P you're switching to didn't call to ask about you for an in district transfer. Are you in a really large district where principals don't really know each other? That would just never happen here either.

Presuming the board meeting was in a timely manner, I guess it makes sense to wait until everything is official. Our principals do attend board meetings here though. If names and positions were actually read, the P would find out that way. Is it possible she found out from someone else and is mad that you didn't tell her first?

I could see the P being mad if you were sitting on this for a month or something, depending on how your job market is. The job market in my area is fairly open. There would be a pretty big difference in the quality of applicants we'd get just posting a job now vs. posting it in the spring, so if someone knew but didn't say anything I could see my P being mad about it.

I think it's courteous to let someone know you're looking, but I can see why in some situations you can't if you fear retaliation.
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