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PLEASE HELP! new & no curriculum
Old 09-22-2012, 11:04 AM
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I am new to teaching resource room after teaching 5th grade for 3 years. My school is grades k-5 with approximately 2,000 students. For the past 4 years, there has only been 1 resource room teacher, but after her caseload exceeded 60+ students last year (), they decided that they should create another resource room position. I received a phone call over the summer letting me know that they'd chosen me for the position. My school has a very rigid curriculum for classroom teachers, but has nothing for the resource room. I am really excited about the opportunity , but I am going from working within very specific restraints to having free reign, and its really overwhelming!

i've been working with students for 2 weeks and have barely kept my head above water. I have about 35 minutes to work with each group of students. my students are grades 2-5. I am trying to group my kids by ability, but with all of the scheduling conflicts (not allowed to pull out for gym, recess, science, reading, and no more than 1 workshop a week) the groups are much more dependent on grade level. any advice would be helpful.

where do you begin? what do you teach each day? how do you choose what to teach when the kids in your groups have multiple goals that don't all coincide? i don't even know what questions to ask because i am so lost . please please help!

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