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thanks so much for your response!

Let me answer your questions...

Which subjects are you teaching?
I teach reading, writing and math. Most of the students have IEP goals in all three, but their recommended services specify how many times per week they should receive services in math, and how many in language arts.

Is your 35 minutes 1 time a day? Are you pull-out, or is your program stand-alone?
Technically I see the students for 45 minutes once a day. I pull-out into my own small room. The problem is that with the size of my school (6 floors) and the need for me to pick up and drop off each of the students at their classrooms (children are never allowed to walk throughout the school without a teacher), the actual time in my room works out to be about 35 minutes.

How many students do you see at a time?
I am allowed to have up to 8 students at a time. I have 36 students that I am servicing right now, so most groups are 7-8 kids. Most of the kids are mandated for 5 times a week, but a few are only 3 times a week.

I'm currently working on a few spreadsheets that will group each of the kids by their goals. Hopefully that will help with the scheduling, because I am redoing my schedule for the 6th time this school year (and we've only had 10 school days so far! *sigh* any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!!
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