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That info helps!
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Clip to ScrapBook #4

So, first you need to figure out when you can have each kid, then, within that framework, decide what you're teaching when. I think I'd have an easier time to alternate Math days with ELA days, but something else might work better for you.

It's crucial that you find curriculum materials that have a logical progression from one skill to the next. Don't worry if you're using materials below grade-level, you can adapt as you go, and it's easier to move up the skill level than down when you're planning. For instance, if you're working on figurative language, "it's raining cats & dogs" is more basic than "hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul."

It's inevitable that you'll have kids at all kinds of levels, so plan for short assignments (no more than 5 questions/problems) that they can work on reasonably independently. The "I do, we do, you do" gradual release model is effective in situations like yours.

The good news is you'll be getting lots of exercise walkin' all these kids to & from class! I think I'd use that time to practice math facts, or rhyming words, or something.

Don't know how helpful any of this is for you, but if I think of anything else I'll post again.
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