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Itís. Just. A. Job.
Old 10-23-2020, 03:07 PM
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Hi. We are in full distance learning and needless to say, parents are all sorts of POíd about this. They are projecting all of their rage onto the teachers, making hurtful statements towards us and totally unnecessary accusatory comments.

Itís really getting me riled up but the more I think about it, the more I realize that this is just a more extreme version of how many parents are sans pandemic. Plenty of parents treat us like garbage (and yes some are really great, too) but itís burning a lot more right now. I always take this stuff super personally.

Iíve realized that I just have to start taking my emotions out of this job. I have to view it as a JOB and not the cornerstone of my being. We are told that teaching is a ďcallingĒ; sure it is, but it is also A JOB deserving of boundaries and working vs non working hours. Itís not a lifestyle, charity work, or martyrdom.

My hope is that I can learn how to be a teacher who does the job with integrity and to the best of my ability, while keeping my heart out of it. Iím DONE with feeling constantly disrespected by parents, admin, the general public. Maybe if I can separate my emotions, it wonít stress me out so much.

Suggestions appreciated.

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