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Speak Up Politely
Old 10-24-2020, 03:54 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #4

I think you have to have a polite response when parents are "projecting all of their rage onto the teachers, making hurtful statements towards us and totally unnecessary accusatory comments."

You have to let them know you are not the person who made the decision to do full distance learning so they might want to contact the powers that be...administration, school board, etc. to express their opinion. If you let them get away with being disrespectful to you, you are supporting their poor behavior. You would not allow your children to treat you this way, so their is no reason for you to allow them to belittle you.

I believe that some parents are acting the way you've described, but I also think parents are realizing that supporting their child's learning is not easy. They finally realize that the things teachers have been telling them about their child for years (trouble staying focused, difficulty completing assigned tasks, difficulty keeping their body from wiggling, skills below grade level, etc.) are all true.

No parent I know wants to face the fact that the denial they have been believing for years is actually the truth and a barrier for their child. For some parents, virtual learning is a wake-up call that their child is below grade level, unfocused, and just plain lazy...and the parent should have believed the teacher years ago and not been in denial.
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