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Help! 9th graders!
Old 08-14-2018, 05:21 PM
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I was completely blind sided this year. Iíve taught two different science classes the past 3 years and thought I was going to be teaching them again. I asked to pick up another science class since we had a teacher retiring and I really wanted to teach it.

Well I am teaching that new science subject and another new one. (I found this out 4 days before students started back) Iím not teaching any science that Iíve taught the past 3 years that I worked so hard to build the curriculum for, but I will digress.

So now Iím teaching 9th grade for the first time ever. I hate it. If I had taught them my first year, Iím certain that I would no longer be teaching. I have a class of 28 that is driving me insane. They are so disruptive and immature. Over half the class tries to be the class clown. They ask stupid questions just to be funny. I can barely get through a lesson.

Iíll admit that my weakest point is classroom management. I know I need to improve in this area. Iím losing my mind. I donít want to just yell or be outright mean but I have to do something. Iím going to try giving break detention and maybe calling parents.

Iíve heard that you have to be ďfirm but niceĒ but what does that even mean? Iíve tried being nice. Iíve tried reasoning with them and it has gotten me no where.

I thought since they were coming from the middle school and being thrown in with the bigger kids that they might start out kind of timid but oh no! They fear nothing.

Iím asking for any advice.

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