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I donít especially love 9th
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They seem so immature compared to the other HS grades. I didnít have any last year, but Iíll have a couple of classes of them again this year.

Basically they need to grow up, so anything you can do to help that along is good. Are there any class privileges you can think of that you would normally give the upperclassmen that maybe you could use as incentive for more mature behavior? My mind is blanking now but as a small example mature students can take the restroom pass whenever they need to without asking. Maybe having a few quick class discussions about not acting like they are still in middle school, having them write down an immature behavior that they would each like to work on changing and then checking their progress, or even having a class-wide incentive like a few minutes of free time at the end of the period or a game on Friday...

But I would definitely advise you to make a few phone calls to parents. Choose 3-4 who are ringleaders (at least one boy and one girl if you can) and get the parents on their side. I wouldnít say that kids that age are usually scared of their parents, but they know they hold the purse strings and also have the ability to stop them from socializing. Word should get out pretty quickly that youíre calling home.
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