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9th graders
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I love working with 9th graders. I may be weird, but I think they are amazing! I am going on nearly 15 years of working with them.

Also, they either hate each other or they are best friends.
This week I made them all change seats so that they sat boy girl boy girl and that didnít really seem to help. I tried to move the problem people away from each other and then others became problems.
This.....this is normal and will happen until they are ready to advance to the next level. Can't get out of this one!!

My advice would be to have a very structured class with succinct consequences either positive or negative. Don't stray from the structure if at all possible. You do that and they turn on you! Have fun with them. If one of the students has an idea they want to share, let them. It makes them feel validated and listened to. These are kids who desperately want to be different yet not different.

You may need them to work for a tangible reward at first. Mine worked for 20 minutes of free time every other Friday. It was amazing to see them work. They had to be a certain percentage as a class to earn the time and most will keep each other in line.

"Being firm but nice" . Well, this is where you might say something like, "Teabreak, you haven't turned in your homework for 3 days now. I would like you to stay after class for a minute to discuss what I can do to help you get this done and turned in. I like you, but don't want to be forced to like you in Freshman English again next year." Something like that.

Remember, these are the kids that still think bodily functions, such as farting, are hysterical, but are morbidly appalled if you mention a hang nail. Good luck and hopefully you enjoy them soon
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