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Oh, that is so rude. I am passive-aggressive enough that I'd start finding excuses to be out of town when they were passing through.

One of my cousins and his wife did that to my daughter years ago. Phoned her especially to let her know that they were going to be in the town where she lived visiting the wife's sister and could they stop in for a visit. She was in grad school at the time and it wasn't particularly convenient but she said "sure."

Then, on the day they were going to stop in, they phoned her and told her that they weren't going to have time, after all. I don't think they knew that she was aware of this, but said sister lived six blocks away.

They never saw her again. When she and her hubby moved to Wisconsin, they passed right through the town where my cousin lives and didn't bother to stop. She said she figured they had made it clear enough how important it wasn't to see her.
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