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I've talked to the admin, and backpacks can't be put in the hallway. Because 5th grade leaves for busses, walking, and parent pickup immediately after specials, they have to have their backpacks with them when they enter my class.

So I've done the next best thing and had them put their packs against the wall, but every day there are a half-dozen students who think they are the exception to the rules. They'll just take their packs to their seats, then ignore me, try to argue, or try to bargain with me, and then some try to sneak them back to their tables during class.

I was encouraged to use the established PBIS procedures. When they didn't work, the admin told me I just needed to be "consistent". When I had to write a half-dozen lunch detentions for gum, safety issues, and defiance, Admin told to stop doing those procedures.. When I explained that detentions didn't even compare to the number of e-mails sent home, and that detentions were the last resort, I was told to stop sending e-mails home as well.

Whatever I try, admin tells me I can't do that.
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