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Clip to ScrapBook #4

It sounds like you have a chatty group that needs to socialize. I wonder if they are ready for a class problem solving conference. Something along the lines of:

"I've noticed that when I ring the chime, you have continued to talk. We learned that in this room, when students hear the chime, it is time for important directions. When you continue to talk, I can't do my job as a teacher. When you I can't do my job as a teacher, you can't do your job as a learner.

What do you think might help you to remember what to do when the chime rings?"

Your discussion would go on from there. You can search the RC Website for articles about problem solving conferences. Also, TTTC has an excellent resource in it to help you "script" one to use with classes or individual students.

Also, do you ring the chime and wait? Or do you continue to ring the chime?

Have you introduced logical consequences for talking after the chime rings? If you haven't what do you think those might be? Remember that they need to be related, relevant and realistic.

Finally, remember to provide some time day in the day for them to chat. Maybe think about incorporating some get to know you or small group activities during your morning meetings. Have them remind you when they can talk during the day (recess, lunch, dismissal) and why they need to stay focused during work times.

I hope I've given you some ideas to chew on. You can do it! Best of luck!
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