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Good Bye Song
Old 09-04-2006, 07:07 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #3

I teach a k-1-2 combo. My kinders go home at lunch until after Christmas, and I have them get their backpacks, coats, etc at their tables with all their returned work, papers, etc. zipped into their backpacks. At the end of the day the 1st & 2nd each have jobs to do (stack chairs, erase boards, clean up library, pass out papers, etc) and when everyone has all their things ready on their tables, we sing the Good Bye Song. Kinders obviously do this as well when they stay all day. It's sung to "Ode to Joy".

Our day is through,
Our jobs are done,
We did some work
We had some fun.
We worked real hard,
We played with friends,
And on (Tuesday) we'll be back again.

The song reinforces days of the week and they love singing it. The kids know (because we worked on it) that they must be quiet and watching me to be excused to the bus when we're done.

Hope that helps.
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