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We currently have a "staffing day" at my school, so I only see students 4 days per week. The 5th day is when all of our IEP and other meetings are (we get a roving sub to cover classroom teachers attending the meetings) and also when I complete all of my formal testing and observations for evals. In my district we are case managers and in charge of formal testing for evaluations as well, and I have about 30 students. Whenever possible, I really try to take data on the staffing day so I'm not cutting into instructional time on the other four days.

I have a binder for each student with their goals and any paper probes that are necessary. Each goal has a cover sheet where I list the date and the score the student received. I will typically just go sit in one of the grade level pods with all of my binders for that grade level and call students into the hallway 1 by 1. If the goal is something they can do independently, I might send them to another table with their probe and work with someone else while they're finishing.

In another building that didn't have the staffing day set up, I took one day every two weeks and used it solely for progress monitoring. I'd have all of their binders out, pass out assignments they could do individually, and then do things like one minute readings/DIBELS with students while others worked. Those that finished everything did a reading app on ipads. Occasionally in my current position I will still do this if I just don't have time otherwise.

I honestly take less data than I used to. My sped director says she wants goals progress monitored biweekly, but no one has EVER checked up on that in the 7 years I've worked here. We are required to do DIBELS weekly and I do get that done, but not all of the other stuff. I do once a month unless I need more data because we're considering another program or something. I still do tons of formative assessments in my lessons and feel like I have plenty of information to inform instruction. I personally feel that it's more important to spend the time I have with students teaching vs. testing.
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