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Water was a very important part of our summers growing up in a small town in KS!

Our small town had a large swimming pool! We were so lucky!

We were required to take swimming lessons from an early age (which we hated because the water was cold in the morning!). However, it was worth it because once we learned how to swim and passed the test that the swimming pool required, my siblings and I were allowed to walk to/from the pool all by ourselves. Every. single. day. was spent at the pool! From about 12:00-4:00! Sometimes later! Loved it!

When we were younger, we would run through the sprinklers! We had a huge yard with sprinklers that sprayed upwards, throughout the entire yard. We would pretend we were in the ocean, as as "swam" through the entire yard of sprinklers!

Wheelbarrows were also filled with water and we would splash around in those, as well.

So many good summer memories!
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