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Summertime Memories: Fun with Water
Old 07-17-2017, 09:33 PM

I really enjoy swimming today, but as a child I didn't like swimming lessons at all. Going to the public pool in the early morning and lining up by the side of the pool, shivering and looking down at my toes. A line of little toes and shivering children. Then, one by one, we were told to jump in the water. I particularly did not like to put my face in the water. Blowing bubbles and counting fingers with eyes open and no swimming goggles was no fun. I remember holding the side of the pool and kicking and blowing bubbles and closing my eyes because the chlorine stung. I was a kid who didn't like putting my face in the water - a tadpole.

Thanks everyone for sharing your fun with water memories! Enjoy reading!

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Thanks again to everyone who shared!

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