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Joined: Jul 2017
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Iím fuming!
Old 08-02-2019, 01:45 PM
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Ok so after years of going to school to get my masters degree I finally accomplished that goal and I have landed myself a much needed new position! This should be a happy time, but instead is filled with stress and annoyance. I work at a year round center-based school, so we are still in school right now. I was just notified YESTERDAY at 2pm that I was approved for this new position and that my last day would be this coming up WEDNESDAY. I have three days to clear my room so that the new teacher can start on Thursday. The biggest issue I have is with the messy principal. This woman told the parents I was leaving without giving me the chance to tell them first. Not only did she tell them that I was leaving, she told them I was pregnant which is a total violation of my hipaa rights, and planning to leave without saying anything to them. I got a very long and angry email from a parent that grew close to me during my years of working at this particular school. She was upset and felt I was unprofessional by not giving her the decency of telling her I was leaving and how short notice it was. I emailed the parent back letting her know that I myself had just found out that I was moving that day and how grateful I was for her support throughout the years. I also personally called each parent the next day to inform them I was leaving even though the principal had already done it. Everyone was understanding except the parent that sent the email. She never responded to my email and she didn’t answer my phone call. I’m done trying to contact her as I feel I have done nothing wrong. How was I going to inform her of something that hadn’t happened yet and it wasn’t in my control of how soon the switch would be. I was glad the switch was so soon so that I could actually have time to be off. Had I worked the entire summer I would have had no break at 6 months pregnant and quite frankly I’m tired. At least now I can have a couple of weeks off before I have to start the new position. I think it was unprofessional of the principal and inconsiderate of the parent to send such a nasty email. I’m not a robot and deserve a break, I understand it was short notice, but it’s ADMINISTRATION’S decision.

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