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Beware EDD CA
Old 01-10-2021, 12:15 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #1

I received a notification to 'Reopen my Claim' from EDD CA. This was MUCH more comprehensive questioning on their part. It took me over an hour to understand and fill out the 5 (yes five) page Reopen forms. They now include:

* A redundant questioning on how much you earned during December (I worked 3-days) and want (at least to my understanding) you to AGAIN claim what you were paid during your next Certify.
* They now ask questions about 'Winter Recess' (dates, etc.) and when you plan to look for work (in my case January 11th). So it looks like Subs cannot certify for the weeks December 27th - January 9th) or receive UI payments for those times.
* They want to know your school supervisors NAME and direct phone number (I left mine blank and didn't get an error), I just put the District general phone number in. They also said they would contact your School District and that your District will get the information you provide. So I answered all questions correctly except for Supervisors name.

The whole thing is slanted towards paying Subs as little as possible, and maybe us not getting the $300 pandemic EDD bonus, and also checking up on us comprehensively.

I don't even know if my 'Reopen Claim' will be successful. EDD CA has done their homework. If they had asked these rather pointed questions in March then I'm sure we would not have been paid during the summer. And it makes me think (negatively I confess) they may come back at Subs here in California to replay all the monies paid during the summer. Just a guess. When, it was quite a task 'Reopening' tonight.

It's scary out there right now, not just this with EDD CA but the political situation in general.

Sorry to be alarmist but you should know, Cali Subs, what's going on and be prepared to spend a lot of time 'Reopening a Claim' and dwelling on many of the questions they ask.

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