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Clip to ScrapBook #8

This looks like the same form I had to fill out last time I re-applied (this was in october or november if i remember right). I wouldn't find it too sketchy? My only gripe with it is they barely allow any room to write an explanation for your situation. I think our situation is fairly unique, since some of us are in that wishy washy boat where we get maybe one call every couple of weeks, so we're technically "employed," but going to do it means going on site in person to a questionable place and risking covid for some money we won't even see until like next month, and then the amount won't pay any bills after taxes. Like, it's not worth it. I live with high risk family members as well, so there's no way I'm putting them at risk.

The job right now is honestly insane. I'd go to a building and use a worse laptop than the one I have at home, to sit in a zoom call for like 7 hours straight, and then get covid on my way out the office door because someone was asymptomatic and showed up anyway and masks only work so well. Then I take it home to my family members and get them sick, and for what? 150 dollars a month from now? Like... honestly?

But you can't explain all that in 100 characters, so you just have to sound like you're lazily not accepting "jobs," when half the time there aren't any anyway. The cherry on top is that unless there's an extension, we're filling all this out for like, the bottom of the barrel of whatever's left. Or at least, I am. In any case, good luck to everyone.
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