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claim automatically extended
Old 01-13-2021, 12:38 PM
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I received a notification to 'Reopen my Claim' from EDD CA.
My claim expired the end of December (as did many of yours). I got a notice from EDD (CA) in the mail a couple of weeks ago saying that EDD had filed to open a new claim on my behalf. After that, I saw the same "Reopen Claim" notice (that some of you wrote about) on my UI online account, but I did not do anything since EDD had already notified me they were filing my new claim. Yesterday, I got an email asking me to certify for benefits online. My UI account now says that my claim has been extended till March. I was able to certify for the last 2 weeks.

I've had many experiences filing claims with CA EDD over the years. EDD has always been impressively organized and reliable. However, this pandemic has turned everything upside down. I'm glad to see that EDD is finally getting back on track.

Since it's extremely difficult to contact EDD, I take a "wait and see" approach these days and let the dust settle rather than letting myself get stressed over delays. Sometimes all the forms, notifications, and red tape seem confusing and overwhelming, but most of it is just a state agency doing its work. Unless I see serious red flags, I try to stand back and let it work. (I think it's best not to do anything unless I've done the research and know what to do.)

It hasn't always been as timely as it should, but so far, for me, EDD has eventually come through over these past several months. It's been a heaven sent. I'm also really grateful for this extension and the Fed money that has come in.

I've been subbing a bit (distance learning subbing) since September, but schools in my area have been closed since last March. They were supposed to reopen this month, but that changed. Now there's no new reopen date in sight. (Quite honestly, I won't feel safe going back to in-person teaching until I've at least gotten my vaccine.) Due to school closure and distance learning, the sub jobs have been much more scarce. Thank God my EDD claim has been extended!

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