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having a hard time at my student teaching placement
Old 02-07-2018, 05:32 PM
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I am in my 2nd placement for student teaching. I absolutely loved my first placement. My cooperating teacher was teacher of the year and it really showed in the way she managed her class. I loved her teaching style and found it really meshed with what i envisioned a classroom should be like. She gave me high marks at the end and we got along very well.
I am now in 5th grade and my cooperating teacher is very laid back to say the least. The kids are allowed many freedoms such as going on their phones to watch youtube videos during computer time. They play with things in their desk whenever they feel like it during lessons. They can walk around the classroom and leave whenever they want to. Recently she let students decide on a few privileges because they were behaving quietly for one day. ..even though the class is out of control most days. (constant talking, fighting and yelling) They decided on no independent math work, free time for the first two hours of the day, music whenever they want and eating in the classroom. I feel very powerless in this situation as now whenever i teach there's even more distractions and I am so frustrated. I try to be strict with the kids but no one listens because they know I'm not the real teacher. I'm not sure why she allowed the kids to make up these privileges in the first place. I feel just awful for being so judgmental but i truly am hating this experience and i still have 4 months to go. I respect her choices as it is her classroom, but it is just stressing me out not having any control of the classroom because there are basically no rules.
I taught math the other day and i gave them some actual work to do on their own and of course everyone complained and said that they don't have to do math work on their own. The teacher sided with the students. I'm not sure what to do at this point. My university supervisor thinks that all this chaos is good for me to experience which may be true in some ways but i'm just not sure what to think anymore.

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