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Title I Tutors please
Old 10-18-2018, 03:42 PM
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I am having a little difficulty understanding my role. I want to go to our Title I Resource Teacher for clarification, but I want to hear from other Title I Tutors first. I have never seen anything in writing giving a job description. The job was offered when I was rejected for a different position.

I work with groups for differentiated instruction for reading, and for math flex groups. That's the easy part. I am also being sent into a classroom to "provide support". The teacher I "provide support" for has me monitor behavior while she meets with her groups. The kids are supposed to be doing SSR or doing independent work when they are not meeting with the teacher. Instead, many of them are up and about, talking, going to the bathroom, going back and forth to their locker in the hall, or going to the bathroom. Some students even do their math homework during this time. Somehow I feel like "providing support" might mean something else. Regardless I can't bring this kids under control. They look at me and continue do what they want. I don't have any consequences for them. They don't know me, so they certainly don't want to please me.

What are your duties as a Title I Tutor? How much input do you have into instruction for the students you work with-- does the teacher come up with the intervention activity or is that your job?

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