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This isn't a charter school issue.
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The way the students treated that teacher has nothing to do with charter vs. public school.
My thought is it had more to do with the clash of cultures/ethnicities, and/or the fact that she was part time.

I can't think of any reason why students would adapt differently to a teacher at a charter school vs. a public school.
My oldest son goes to a charter school. Background: He is on the "high" end of the autism spectrum, has ADD as well as several mental health issues. He is also exceptionally bright. He is a sophmore this year, and has been at this school since 7th grade.
In elementary, he adapted well to some teachers, not as well to others. Same with the charter school. He adapted well to most, but had the same teacher for advisory, science and math last year, and it was a nightmare.

It has more to do with students and teacher than the type of school.
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