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in hearing more...
We started NWEA testing last school year but teachers were pretty much left in the dark. We had so much back and forth about what we had to give the parents/what we were to tell parents etc. Most of it last minute. I love the idea that the students take the test on the computer & I don't have to grade it, I can go on & get the results right away accurate to the student is it? I had a little girl from Norway (in 3rd grade) who especially on the math made HUGE growth in all areas between Fall & Spring. I was really impressed & to me she had made A TON of growth, but I wasn't really sure if she had made that much.
How close are the "grade" levels? And what about the range?
I would love to know more to help me be better at understanding this. Our training was really just how to print reports & how to log on!
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