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Then again...
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Clip to ScrapBook #11

We were FORBIDDEN to have any contact with students--my district's idea of equity, since not all kids are able to reach us. We sent paper packets--not to exceed 2 pages including readings, examples, instructions, and rubric. One of those for the entire quarter. If they did nothing, the 3rd quarter grade just applied to the whole semester. If they did even a small fraction of the work, their grade had to be raised by an entire letter, even for those who had, like, 17%.

This was even the case for AP students... i mean, none of them had 17%, but they really, really needed to prepare for exams and still got 2 page packets. I wasn't allowed to direct them to the really good resources provided by the college board because... internet...equity. (Oh, and then I found out that they were accidentally sent inclusion class packets anyway. Or probably not accidentally, because the secretary is related to one of them and is always trying to get her out of doing work that the kid actually wants to do...)

And yet, administration was very clear about their policy that we were still on contract and had to be able to get there within half an hour if called upon for any reason during contact hours. Or use leave. Living in the middle of nowhere with evening and weekend lockdowns for a good portion of the time, this meant that some folks actually had to fill out leave slips to go to the store.

We were getting paid for nothing, okay, but it was no vacation.
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