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Homeschl Mom

Homeschl Mom
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Lots of kids this age seem to use run-on sentences since that's really how they talk and they tend to write how they talk and I'm sure you noticed that kids often talk with the phrase "and then" connecting one thought to the next so perhaps you might want to come up with a ridiculous run-on sentence sort of like the one I am writing right now and stick it on the board or overhead and then break the class into teams of three or four students each and have each team see how many smaller sentences are truly contained in the long run-on sentence that you put on the board, giving them the hint that sentences often have just one noun and one verb and maybe two but beyond that you are changing the sentence into a run-on one and then perhaps the students will see how absolutely annoying run-on sentences can be and how easy they are to fix and perhaps when you grade papers you can choose a special mark or stamp to put on pages that you find run-on sentences on so that when you hand the papers back to the students they can look for this special stamp or sticker and then know that some sentence on that page is too long and needs to be broken up much like this sentence does and then the student can find the run-on sentence and show the paper to you with the identified sentence and perhaps that would help the students avoid sentences like this one.

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