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Man, this is still a huge problem in sixth grade. That's because most kids (and adults) don't really know what constitutes a complete sentence. A complete sentence must have a subject (even if it's only implied) and a predicate. Let kids be little human sentence fragments, holding the fragments you've written on sentence strips. Make a subject group and a predicate group. Physically combine kids into funny sentences. Discuss how Jenny is incomplete all by herself (her fragment could be "by the drinking fountain." How is Jacob, Brittany, and David all standing there together making a run-on? Who's the extra subject? What do we have to do with them? Then take it to the overhead and divide sentences on there into subject and predicate. Put some fragments up and ask what they need to complete them. Put up some run-ons. Let them divide those.

Good luck. Sentence fluency is hard to teach. A person has to almost intuitively grasp it.
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