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Homeschl Mom

Homeschl Mom
Well, I guess sometimes I TALK like that
Old 01-27-2006, 08:03 PM
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Miller, how did I do that? Well, I guess I often think like that (good thing that they didn't slap on the ADHD label too readily in the 70s because I deserved it) and I sometimes talk like that. Anyway, it DID get your attention? Maybe it will get the students' attention too? When they see the absurdity of such a long sentence, maybe they can recognize a little of their own writing habits!

I guess the best thing to do with run-ons is try to explain the subject/predicate thing and mention that one is all you need for a sentence and two is stretching it.

There's a Grammar Rock song (hey, it's in my head right now) about "Mr. Morton" that explains "Mr. Morton is the subject of the sentence and what the predicate says he does." If you can get your hands on that, it's a good reminder of what constitutes a complete simple sentence.

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