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homeschl mom

homeschl mom
Loiuse Nevelson
Old 02-20-2006, 10:45 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #2

For recycled art, we did some fun stuff after studying American artist Louise Nevelson. Do some web searches to see what she did with "found items." She made big things, often out of found things. She liked doing work with metal, but during WWII, metals weren't used for art, they were used for vehicles, weapons, etc. to support the war effort.

Anyway, what we did was go to the Hobby Lobby and we got some wood plaques for a dollar or so each (perhaps they were on sale) but you could use stiff cardboard. Our plaques were probably 9 X 6 inches.

Anyway, we had fun coming up with "found items" that ranged from paper clips and rubber bands to cereal (not flakes but things like Cheerios or Chex). We also "found" combs, plastic forks and spoons, a baby spoon (we're done with that!), dice, hair pins, etc. I told my kids to look for things with interesting shapes (and not worry about the colors or designs drawn on them). I asked them to not grab something they'd miss, but things that they'd never notice if they were gone!

We glued (just used white glue) the objects on our plaques. After the glue dried, we spray painted the plaques either black or silver and hung them on the wall. The paint gave each piece of art one color, emphasizing the shapes of the found objects and removing the distraction of having lots of colors. The kids agreed they looked better painted than they did before being painted.

Maybe you could do something like this.

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