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I work at a private school, and we have two Music teachers. One of them teaches Music to Nursery age children to students in Pre-K and other teacher has 1st-5th grade classes. One of our Music teachers had a background in doing musicals. We are a small school, but we feel music is important part of education. We have two musical productions during the school year, one at Christmas and one called the "Spring Sing". Both teachers work together to put on this production and these shows have roles that the students get to audition for. Kindergarten-5th graders fill these positions. The Music teachers notify parents that rehearsal is imperative if these children receive roles in the show. They have rehearsals during after school and usually our school performances receive lots of kudos from parents. Shows we have done in the past (since I have been there)are: Annie, Guys and Dolls, A Christmas Carol, etc. of course these smaller versions of the bigger productions, so it's called Annie, Jr., Guys and Dolls II.
We do not have a drama teacher, but I feel that the background of the Music teachers' expertise is enough to get our musicals done.
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