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Clip to ScrapBook #7

I'm so glad you're all here! WOOHOO!!

Feel free to start a new topic at any point.

It really is different than being a classroom teacher, although I still consider myself a teacher.
This is *exactly* the way I feel! I identify really strongly with the jobs of teacher, school psych, and counselor.

I realized I ordered things a little incorrectly in my post I worked as a teacher for a while, went back to school to be a school psych, and then worked as a school psych. Then I had babies and stayed home for a bit, then back to work as a classroom teacher again, then a counselor, then a school psych. Now I'm actually working a clinical setting, and it's quite an eye-opener. I identify very strongly as a SCHOOL psych, so this is quite an interesting experience. I really want to bridge the gap between clinical practice and school practice.

ETA: Be sure to click on the board name so you can get to the full board and see the additional posts, including how to add this board to your customized list.

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