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Thinking about my most recent school psych position:

What do you find most frustrating about your job/situation/setting?
I agree- being able to get kids from classes. From the teacher perspective, I totally get it. From our perspective, it does make it really difficult to do the job! Some teachers were really difficult to work with. When kids didn't qualify for sped, some teachers were very upset and sometimes verbally took it out on the assessment team (including me). I was assigned 6 schools at one point- and not all schools had space for me. Made life VERY difficult. Nothing like testing a child in a router closet that was super noisy, or on a bench outside on the playground

What do you like best about your job?
I loved working with different students and learning about their learning profiles and their cognitive skills and using that information to make recommendations. I loved consulting with teachers to help problem-solve behavioral or academic issues. I loved the flexibility and being able to pee when I wanted to

What has been really challenging?
I did more than 100 assessments each year, and that was a ton of work in addition to my other responsibilities. I found it challenging to find the time to finish things. I found some parents (and teachers, as I said) challenging to work with.

How much support/collaboration do you get, and from who?
I had a supervisor who was pretty supportive (although she kept giving me all the heavy workloads because I could handle them ). In our region, there were 3 psychs besides me and the supervisor. We gathered once a month and that was helpful. Sometimes we got together with the bigger team (bigger region), which added 2 more psychs to the bunch. The admin was super supportive of me in almost every school, because of who I was and how I worked. My colleagues (including my supervisor) didn't get the same respect, but there were reasons for that. My sped director was more variable.
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