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As a school psych...

What do you find most frustrating about your job/situation/setting?
When I have an assessment to do, I do my part and I expect the RSP teacher to do their part in a timely manner. Some people are procrastinators or are just bad at organizing their time which makes it hard for me to finish up my report. I just need people to do their jobs!

Also, I wish I had a different title. Even educational psychologist would be better than school psychologist. I feel that when parents hear school psychologist, they think I'm the psychologist for the school and they want their kids to have weekly therapy with me. I need to say that I'm not a clinical psychologist but rather an educational psychologist. Happens ALL THE TIME!

What do you like best about your job?
I love working with families who are appreciative. I always do what is best for the kids, but to hear families thank me just reaffirms that I'm doing the right thing.

What has been really challenging?
Doing risk assessments can be hard, especially if there is a risk and I need to bring in the police. I also feel like some parents expect counseling or SPED or a behavior plan to be a magic wand. Nope! I can support your child, but your child has to put in effort as well.

How much support/collaboration do you get, and from who?
I think I have a good admin team. I feel very supported from them which is great. I also work closely with the guidance counselors and the SPED lead teacher. The other school psychs are also great at giving advice. I have never felt like I would not be supported when I needed to be. I know this isn't the case everywhere so I'm thankful.
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